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Congrats to all of our Atascadero 2015 Students!

Atascadero Class of 2014!

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Paso Robles CERT Class of 2014

The video below will give you a
brief overview of the CERT program.

      Atascadero F.D.Informacion en Espanol aquiclick to visit DHS

        Atascadero Fire Dept.  •  Paso Robles Office of Emergency  • DHS

Your interest in the North San Luis Obispo County
area CERT
program is truly appreciated.
The training, sponsored by the five North County
Fire Agencies, is aimed at providing area residents
opportunity to learn more about Emergency
Response, and Disaster Preparedness. 

The course is taught following the 20 hour,
Department of Homeland
guidelines. Taking the classes will make
a world
of difference in how you get through the next major
disaster event. All graduating students will receive
a CERT gear bag with basic emergency
to aid themselves, family, neighbors, and others
during a time of need. Being prepared is what it
is all about!

North County residents have the opportunity be
prepared through education, training, and
volunteer service to make communities safer,
stronger, and better prepared to respond to the
threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues,
and disasters of all kinds. CERT was selected as
one of the primary programs offered by the D.H.S.
to help the American public to meet this challenge.

CERT Training is designed to prepare you to help
yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the
event of a catastrophic disaster.
Because emergency services personnel will not be
able to help everyone immediately, you can make a
difference by using the training to save lives and
protect property throughout the area. This training
covers basic skills that are important to know in a
disaster when emergency services are not available.
With training and practice and by working as a
team, you will be able to do the greatest good for
the greatest number after a disaster, while
protecting yourself from becoming a victim.
Community-based preparedness planning allows
us to prepare for and respond toanticipated
disruptions and potential hazards following a disaster.

As individuals, we can prepare our homes and
families to cope during that critical period. Through
pre-event planning, neighborhoods and employers
can also work together to help reduce injuries, loss
of lives, and property damage. Neighborhood
preparedness will enhance the ability of all citizens
to reduce emergency services needs, and to
manage their existing resources until professional
assistance becomes available.

Contact us here at to
get on the waiting list for future classes in Templeton,
San Miguel, Atascadero or Paso Robles. Sign up now
as our latest classes have been filled early!!! 

Please note that due to limited seating, North
County residents, followed by other SLO County
residents are given
first consideration
for class
sign ups. 
Students between 16 to 18 years old are
allowed to register for the class with at least one
parent's participation. 
No one under 16 please,
without prior approval.
  Once enrolled, no
refunds are given, however you may attend any
future class without additional charge.

Camp Roberts MCI Drill, Summer- 2013
We are proud to be the CERT group to be invited to participate in the Army National Guard drill

"Victims" were placed around the ruble pile...
Troops then evacuated them to Triage, and Decontamination stations

Please check out the photos and videos below.
They will give
you an idea of the benefits of
and what can be done to
prepare yourself for
a disaster...
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CERT students receive vital information from Professionals.
CERT Graduates- Paso Robles 2013
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No boring lectures here!
Outside the classroom sessions give students a chance to participate.
Instructors help students practice their skills
Student volunteers portray the disaster victims

Below, the videos explains your need for
self reliance during, and immediately
after a disaster. CERT is the answer!

If the video above does not play, click on the underlined Watch on You Tube link!

To visit the new California Preparedness website click here.
See the next videos in this series there.

Are you Prepared for 72 hours of being on your own? 
Your Emergency Kit should include the following basic items:
Water- 2 gallons per person per day, and don't forget your pet's needs-- First aid kits with enough supplies for major injuries-- Prescription medicines for at least one week-- Enough food for all, including family pets for one week--Personal hygiene needs-- Spare clothing, extra eye glasses, and some sturdy shoes-- Cash for small transactions-- Tarps for sun and rain protection-- A battery powered radio for post emergency updates-- Fire wood or charcoal for heating water, cooking, and personal warmth-- One 5 gallon bucket, plus hand tools for small repairs-- Flashlights or light sticks-- In the North County, with its temperature extremes, it makes sense to store any perishable items in a sturdy ice chest. Store it near an outside wall so that it can be retrieved after a partial building collapse. Make sure every family member is aware of the location. A key piece of survival equipment is a reliable two way radio. When disaster strikes, cell phones and land line telephone systems will be overloaded, or destroyed outright. A great source for affordable, professional quality radios used all over America is Your ability to stay in touch with relatives, friends, neighbors and volunteers will add peace of mind, and increase your chances of making it through the disruption.

Questions or comments? Contact us at

Thank You to all the North County Fire Agencies...
The CERT program would not exist without their support!

Program endorsed by the Fire Chiefs Association
of San Luis Obispo County, in association with
the California Fire Chiefs Association.

Sponsored in part by PG&E

Thank You to EQ-Wine Covers Co. of Paso Robles
for underwriting all of the costs associated with the 
every CERT class held in the North County since 2011.

A special Thank You to Heart Hero's CPR Instructors
Steph and Bob Ponti. Their generous contributions
for our CERT Program have made a huge difference!
For CPR instruction, and First Aid Education
these are the people to contact for all your needs.
Visit for details.

If you would like to help out the CERT program,
please contact us for details, and opportunities.
We will feature your business here on our website,
as well as in our print advertising.